5 Ways My Style Has Changed as a New Mom

Before my daughter was born, people loved telling me about the
many ways my life would change upon her arrival. You know: how
little sleep I’d get, how little time I’d have to myself, how hard
it would be to get out and socialize, how difficult it would be to
travel—the list goes on. And to be honest, these hyperbolic
warnings began to feel rather grating.

The information I actually could have used (and would have
appreciated)? All the weird, important stuff no one bothers to tell
you, like the things your body goes through after you give birth,
or that, hey, your personal style will soon be subjected to a whole
host of compromises and adjustments. At least that’s how it was in
my case as a work-from-home mom.

Now, the style changes are nothing terrible (here’s to being
comfortable!), but a heads-up would have been nice. It would have
given me the time to better prep a postpartum capsule wardrobe to
get me through the first year of motherhood… the kind of thing
I’m going to walk you through today. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or
considering taking that leap, here are some things you may want to
keep in mind.

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5 Ways My Style Has Changed as a New Mom