Holy hygge! These Vans sneakers are like a puffer coat for your feet

As a sometimes insomniac
and full-time style editor, I’ve lost track of how many hours I
spend searching online for things I really need (fine, want) like
the perfect
white T-shirt
or pair of non-stretch
. More often than not, these browser window shopping
sessions lead to me unearthing something I wasn’t looking for,
but immediately can’t imagine living without.

While this is probably not the most fiscally responsible way to
spend my free time, it serves a purpose: uncovering cool things
that I then share with you. So let’s call it a win-win, shall we?
My latest discovery came at the bottom of a rather deep rabbit hole
that found me losing hours (okay, several minutes) of my life on
Need Supply Co.’s website.

How do I describe Need Supply Co.? (*Strokes
imaginary beard and one
very real chin hair
.*) The site started out as an

online vintage shop
in Richmond, Virginia in 1996, but has
since moved on to become a purveyor of very cool clothing and
accessories for women, men, and homes. It’s a mix of mainstream
brands and indie designers that’s as good as any
you’d find on a nature

The one item that caught my attention on this visit, however,
was a pair of Vans that are basically a puffer coat for your feet.
I live for (and in) low-top white sneakers beginning that perfect
spring moment, when exposing my ankles won’t immediately end in a
bad case of frostbite. And my affection for them doesn’t relent
until I’ve literally worn through their soles or have to put them
away for more seasonally appropriate footwear (like these
trail shoes
). So procuring said plush sneakers became the first
time I’ve ever considered committing to a single shoe during

cuffing season

To say the
Vans Puffer Era Sneaker ($65)
in True White are my true love
might be presumptuous—I mean, we haven’t met yet. My feelings
are entirely based on what I’ve gleaned (and projected) onto them
after this one online stalking session: They could very well be the
softboy of sneakers, camouflaging their hedonistic nature beneath
a quilted upper that makes them appear better than they actually
are. But honestly, I’m willing to risk it because simply knowing
that they’re out there has renewed my belief in white sneakers
for winter. I want to squeeze my cozy
-clad feet into a pair, right this minute, thank you very
much—even if the only place I wear them is around the office,
while I countdown the days until spring. (104)

And I know what you’re thinking: How will you keep
them clean with all the slush that’s arrival is oh-so imminent?
To which I reply: blinding faith, baking
, and a
washing machine
. Duh!

Source: FS – NewYork-W Fashion
Holy hygge! These Vans sneakers are like a puffer coat for your feet