My Favorite Routine With Sebastian

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Last week, I shared a few updates regarding
. One of the most commonly asked questions was
regarding his schedule. Every mom knows what a difference an
established routine can make.  So today, I’m going to share a
little more about our daily routine with him, especially now that
winter has arrived. There are a few more things we have added due
to the change of season, specifically with his skincare. With the
temperatures dropping and thermostats going up we know we need to
take extra special care of his delicate skin with the help of our
partner Johnson’s®.

Our Lesson

What we found out is that with Sebastian’s fair skin, he’s
very prone to dry skin. Matt and I both make sure Sebastian’s
skin is hydrated. Now more than ever with the winter’s drying
effects upon us.

Our Routine

Some days it’s easier than others to moisturize him, but we
try and make it fun for him. Most days he gets out of the bath and
he wants to run around the house while we chase him. We’re
starting to teach him that he needs to put lotion on as soon as he
gets out of the bath. Keeping his skin hydrated starts with the new

Johnson’s® CottonTouch™
Newborn Wash
 & Shampoo and moisturizing with Johnson’s®
Newborn Face & Body Lotion
 after the bath ensures his skin
stays hydrated. We even let him put some lotion on us so he can
play big helper. His little laugh gets me every time.

lathers up quickly to keep up with Sebastian’s on the go
attitude. It rinses off easily without leaving behind residue that
can dry out your skin. When we follow it up with the
we know we’re giving Sebastian’s skin the moisture
it needs. It’s a water-based formula made with real cotton.
It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly so Sebastian can get back to
doing what he does best, being a kid.

Keep It Simple

We spent a lot of time with the Johnson’s® team learning
about what has gone into their new products, what has been removed
and the best ways to care for Sebastian’s skin. Even the packages
got a makeover. They’re fun and colorful. Johnson’s® has committed
itself to raise the bar and doing what’s best for your baby.
They’ve reduced the number of ingredients in their washes,
lotions, and haircare products by more than 50%.

Less is more and when you know everything about the products you
are using for your kids. It gives you peace of mind. Plus, bath
time has always been one of our favorite times with him. Knowing
that we are able to keep his skin hydrated the right way gives us
one less thing to worry about as parents. It truly has become a
routine for us whether we are putting him down for a nap or getting
him ready for bed.

This routine is one of my favorites because it’s just us, no
distractions. Johnson’s® has been with us
since we brought Sebastian home from the hospital. It’s a brand
we’ve trusted during our bathtime ritual. These kinds of memories
are filled with little giggles and smiles and at the end of the day
are precious to any parent.

What’s your favorite routine with your little one?

xo, Olivia

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My Favorite Routine With Sebastian
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My Favorite Routine With Sebastian