Oily hair tips

Oily Hair Tips

Got any oily scalp? Frustrated with greasy hair? Here are my
quick tips to manage oily hair easily and how to wash oily hair

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Today’s question’s is all about oily hair tips, how to
manage and oily scalp, how often you should be washing your hair
and some techniques you can do to help minimise your oily hair.

Oily Hair Tips – Hair Romance Good Hair Q&A #2

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Oily hair tips

The question is:

“My teenage daughter really struggles with oily hair. Her hair
is naturally fine but wavy. She doesn’t want to want to wash
every day. Any tips?”

And yes I do have lots of tips and some techniques. I hope the
video helped to answer this question and here are links to the
products I mentioned.

I completely agree with your daughter that she shouldn’t be
washing her hair every day as this can make an oily scalp worse.
Using dry shampoo on the in-between days can really help manage the
appearance of oily hair.

Taking care when you wash your hair is really key to maintaining
a healthy scalp.

I also want to add ain an extra point that were mentioned in the
YouTube comments about the type of shampoo and conditioner that you
are using. Strong sodium lauryl sulphate shampoos can be quite
harsh on an oily scalp and cause you to produce more oil. Switching
to a gentler shampoo, like sulphate-free shampoo, can help manage
your hair scalp health.

The flat palm technique – Try this technique when washing your
hair as it really makes a difference.

Conditioner on the scalp can definitely make your hair feel
oilier. Focus on applying conditioner from the ears down.

Do a final rinse with cool water, if possible. This helps to
neutralise the scalp. In saying that, I have super-hot showers and
can’t really bear a cold water rinse. But just turning the water
down a little for the final rinse does help. And then like me turn
the water straight back up to warm up your body again. I have no
idea how people take cold showers!

I hope these tips help to manage your oily hair.

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Oily hair tips